Wednesday 10:00 – 12:00


In these classes we will touch on the fundamental principles of traditional realist painting such as composition, tonal relationships and the importance of edges to add to the illusion of depth.  

We will also look at colour and temperature in general and as they apply in various situations.

Working from life (i.e. still life, cast, portrait etc) a direct method of painting will be encouraged that requires little in the way of drawing skills.  Rather we will focus on the broad mass and then the gradual building up of the painting as the various elements are refined.

Learning to see in a “painterly way” is an important skill which gives the student’s work greater authority and a more convincing likeness to the subject.

Lee studied classical painting and drawing at the Florence Academy of Art in Italy. Her particular interest is Portrait and Still Life. She is an Alice Bale Travelling Scholarship Winner (1993), and a member of the Twenty Melbourne Painters Society.  Lee has over twenty years teaching experience.

Tutor – Lee Machelak’s work


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