Creative Landscape Painting Workshop – 2 April 2016

 One Day Workshop

Turn Your Photos and Sketches Into a Creative Painting

Tutor: Ron Reynolds –
9 students attended and had a busy day learning heaps. 
Our works in progress after one day’s work.
For those who like to travel, record  and paint landscapes.
This workshop is designed for those painters who have mastered basic painting techniques and who are now searching for ways to develop their creativity and individual style.
Learn to put your skills to some purpose – to express, to interpret aspects of nature, to search out and reveal nature’s underlying design. This is your ultimate challenge, to stop the reliance on copying the motif before you, to experiment, compose and create your response to the subject.

The subject will become a stimulus for redesigning nature, for analyzing planes, for expressive distortions and use of non- representational colour.

The subject serves as a framework on which a painting is built; it is the way in which creative imagination blends perceived reality with geometry or lyricism that determines the quality and success of the finished painting.

The process of drawing the essential elements of your motif, taking brackets of photographs {dif. angles/ view points) will provide your imagination to take precedence away from the subject.
Composing / designing the painting will override the need to COPY.