Wednesday 7:30-9:30 – ‘Art for Travelling’

Why not make Wednesday evenings a time for yourself?

Forget the pressures of daily life for a couple of hours and indulge and develop your creative side.

Our tutor is the very talented Gail Shawyer who has a wealth of knowledge and the teaching skills to help both beginners and more experienced artists create some very satisfying art.

This term we will be exploring the delights and challenges of producing art when travelling. We will explore various media that lend themselves well to this pursuit and we will also look at some of the challenges it can present. Artists will be encouraged to bring along their travel kits to compare and gather ideas to suit their personal artistic travel goals and to try other alternatives which might open up options or solve problems they have previously encountered.

In this class you can:

  • Learn to draw
  • Paint using Oils, acrylics, pastels, gouache, pen and wash and watercolours
  • Bring your own projects or paint a still life
  • Learn portraiture
  • Learn landscapes
  • Explore the possibilities with colour. Try new palettes, find new ways to use colour, change tones without using black or white, explore complementary and analagous colours etc
  • Exchange ideas with others on the same creative journey

And more…..

An evening at a painting class is very relaxing in the middle of a busy schedule. It’s time out for the mind.

What do I bring? Bring along your own paints/pastels/pencils, brushes and paper/canvas (new or unfinished project) – whatever materials you have.

Works by student Eric Harvey