Eric Harvey

I have been painting as a hobby for about 30 years. My work is mainly tonal realistic with an impressionist feel, and I paint and draw purely for the enjoyment of it.

I have always drawn and when I started painting I began with oils because this medium can provide an almost infinite variety of effects and can be reworked until the desired outcome is achieved. Later I began painting with pastels, initially for portraiture since it is reworkable and combines the colour and vibrancy of painting and the calligraphy of drawing. Lately I have been painting in watercolour. It is a delightful medium, not quite as forgiving as oils and pastel but is much more spontaneous and has a life and beauty of its own. This has also led me to sketching in pen and wash, a very satisfying medium.

My main subjects are portraits and landscapes, but I will paint or draw anything that inspires me at the time.

Over the years I have been lucky to have had the tuition of many great artists and teachers including Walter Magilton, Lorraine Wigraft, Paul MacDonald Smith, Maree Holt, Pamela Pretty, Regina Hona and Joan Richards from each of whom I have gained ideas, advice and techniques.

Box Hill Art Group has been great for me artistically and socially. The group has provided me with access to a variety of tutors, a great place to go and paint regularly and the company of other artists with varying interests and ideas which keeps my painting hobby alive, evolving and interesting.

I have won quite a few prizes for my paintings, sold a number of them, given a lot away and done a few commissions.

Painting………..I love it.