Kyles Honeyman

After spending 25 years in the advertising and publishing industries as a graphic designer, art director, studio manager, contractor and educator, Kyles returned to study and completed her Bachelor of Illustration in 2017, specialising in Natural History & Wildlife Illustration. Her artwork is crafted with an intense love for the beauty of nature, predominantly focusing on Australia’s own unique native flora and fauna. Her work offers the opportunity to explore and experience harmony with plants and animals by creating detailed traditional illustrations and digital representations of their beguiling intricacies.
As her illustrations become more focused on endangered, rare and little known native species, Kyles aims to generate awareness and provide education through her illustrations. She promotes environmentally conscious ethics by using art materials created by Australian small-businesses and recycled framing and packaging wherever possible. It is her hope to encourage fascination and mindfulness towards our precious natural environment and the diversity of the inhabitants that reside within mother nature’s realm with her playful and evocative work. She is available in 2018 for freelance projects, teaching opportunities, collaborations and commissions.