Media Release – May 2015



Article in the Whitehorse Leader – 17 June 2015

Painting out an identity crisis

The transition from being an independent well-educated and fully employed professional to that of a stay-at-home first time Mum caused a huge crisis of identity for Burwood resident Jane Potter.

“I was thrilled to go on maternity leave to have my baby, but from being engulfed in a world of stimulating thought and activity to that of a solitary home environment where my daily focus was on our gorgeous baby, it was a big change to the pace of life” said Jane.

“After a while I simply needed an outlet to be creative around the daily needs of my baby and painting was the answer – after all, happy Mum, happy baby.”

“With the support of my husband who looked after our baby while I pursued my passion, I began attending evening classes at the Box Hill Art Group which I adore, ” said Jane.

“I enjoy the conversation, stories and the jokes as we learn and practise new techniques in our paintings and I get a real sense of satisfaction when I complete something that others are positive about.”

“My artistic pursuits started off at school in Shepparton when I was working with pastels before moving onto oils and finally to acrylics which I love,” said Jane.

“The Box Hill Art Group also gave me the confidence to include some of my paintings in their exhibitions which resulted in some of them being purchased by people which I was thrilled about. On the back of this, my husband created a website for me on which to display all of my paintings which triggered even more sales.”

“Since then I’ve even had people commissioning me to do specific paintings for them which is terrific as it all helps me to feel fresh and creative when I come back to being a Mum,” said Jane.

“The Box Hill Art Group attracts a diversity of painters – beginners and experienced alike – who paint in a wide variety of mediums and styles, and who are supportive of each other’s work so that everyone gets constant reassurance and positive critiques.”