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At Box Hill Art Group we hold monthly sessions to draw nude models in changing poses i.e. Life Drawing. We alternate between male and female professional models. Our untutored life drawing sessions cater for both beginning and accomplished artists.

Life drawing is taught to many budding artists as an introduction into the world of art, even artists that don’t primarily want to specialize in the human form. The human body is a complex object, which allows an artist to learn about a variety of essential techniques. Observing and interpreting the shape of the human body trains an artist to see almost every form of curve, line, and the subtle undulation found in nature.

The two hour sessions begin with five 2-minute poses in quick succession, then two 5-minute sessions. These help the artist with the process of looking and then capturing the pose with simple lines and marks. We then have some ten-minute poses and finish with one twenty minute pose.

There are regular short breaks after every 20 minutes. Coffee, tea and biscuits are provided.

The cost for each 2 hour session is $20 with tables, boards and easels, supplied. Artists must provide their own paper, charcoal or other drawing mediums.

Those in attendance must prebook and pay in advance. Please book online at the top of this page. Non-members are also welcome.

Sessions are held once a month on Saturday 1:30pm – 3:30pm on the dates below.

Questions to Christine 0481 396319.

24 February 2024

16 March 2024

20 April 2024

18 May 2024

15 June 2024

20 July 2024

17 August 2024

21 September 2024

19 October 2024

16 November 2024