*Innovative Drawing Techniques Workshop – with award winning artist Catherine Hamilton

Saturday 6th July 2024

10am – 4pm

• A fun and exploratory workshop
• For all skill levels
• Unlock your creativity
• Innovate and experiment

Catherine loves to draw. She pushes the boundaries, creating innovative ideas with the media and building up various layers to create the subject.

As well as using charcoal, pencils, ink and colour in some innovative ways Catherine will also explore other media to achieve some exciting results.

Use your imagination, get inspired by the materials and find your unique self in this exciting, six hour workshop, embracing a mix of beautiful media and discovering some new ways to use them with fabulous and unexpected results.

Catherine will supply some different media and there are plenty of new techniques to learn including the use of collage and other textural effects.

Draw your favourite subject in new and different ways– landscapes, seascapes, still life, abstract or even figurative and portrait.

You will learn so much about the different media, what they can achieve and also how to build your drawing up layer-by-layer. Most of all you will have fun, build your confidence, and get your creativity back if you are feeling a bit stuck.

BYO Lunch
Venue Box Hill Community Art Centre, 470 Station Street, Box Hill
Price $125 Members or $140 non members

Or contact Eric on 0424 775 540 for other options

Materials List for Innovative Mixed Media Drawing

2 full sheets of cotton based, hot or cold pressed watercolour paper, drawing paper, or printing paper, that can cope with being wet. Catherine can supply at normal RRP if required.
Anything you have in your studio that you can use to draw and paint with, add colour or bring materials that you are not sure how to use. This is the opportunity to use them. Bring some paints, masking tape, a spray bottle, a glue stick, an apron and some of the following if you have them.

  • Charcoal, various sizes, include large sizes.
  • Graphite pencils, this can also include liquid pencil and any pencils that might work well with water as well as dry.
  • Regular pencils and charcoal pencils.
  • White pastel or white conte sticks.
  • One putty rubber and one ordinary rubber.
  • Black and white ink.
  • Art Graf water soluble pigments.
  • Some leaves, grasses or thin natural items which can be used for collage.
  • Transparent smooth gesso by Art Spectrum. Or share Catherine’s for a gold coin donation.

Reference Materials:
The best subjects for these drawings include water, rocks, trees, street scenes, rugged landscapes, mountains, snow scenes with trees and shadows, rock pools etc. Anything that appeals to you and that you can add texture, light and shadow and interest into. Catherine will have a good file of reference with her if you do not have anything suitable.

Catherine will also bring a variety of drawing implements and materials to share
BYO lunch