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We run 7 tutored classes each week with something for everyone. All our classes are suitable for artists of all skill levels.

Membership is open to anyone between 16 and 116 years of age who is interested in learning painting and drawing skills and to any artist wishing to exhibit in our exhibitions and take part in our workshops. All styles of painting can be learnt and exhibited. Whether you are just starting out in painting or drawing or have been doing it for years you will love being a part of this group, meeting with like-minded people to express yourself visually.

TERM DATES for 2021 

First Term: Wednesday 27 January – Thursday 1 April
Second Term: Monday 19 April – Sunday 27 June
Third Term: Monday 12 July – Sunday 19 September
Fourth Term: Monday 4 October – Saturday 11 December


All Media – Opening November Monday Morning 10:00-12:00 Farimah Eshraghi
Creative Drawing – Zoom and in person Tuesday Afternoon 1:00-3:00 Kevin Boyd
Mixed Media – Zoom and in person Tuesday Evening 7:30-9:30 Craig Rawlings
Acrylics – Opening November Wednesday Morning 10:00-12:00 Susan O’Brien
Drawing and Painting – Opening November Wednesday Evening 7:30-9:30 Gail Shawyer
Watercolour –  On Zoom only Thursday Afternoon 1:30-3:30 It Hao Pheh
All Media – Zoom and in person Saturday Afternoon 1:00-3:00 Tessa Joy

Try before you buy Check us out before committing to membership and a term of lessons – pre book and pay online for only $25 (reduced to $20 per class for the month of November and December 2021) and attend ONE of our classes to experience the magic first-hand. 


The Annual Membership Renewal Fee for 2021 is $11 for existing members. This is due to Covid-19 disruptions in 2020. Our annual membership fee for 2022 will revert back to $45.

The Annual Membership Fee to join the group for new members is $45, $30 if joining after 30 June. Memberships are not transferable.


Classes are only available to financial members of the group. (8) indicates number of sessions.

You must prebook and prepay for your session whether it be a term booking or single/casual session. The number of participants is limited.

Fees 2021 Term 1 Term 2 Term 3 Term 4
Monday morning (1)
$160 (8) $180 (9) $200 (10) single $20
Tuesday afternoon (2)
$160 (8) $180 (9)
Tuesday evening (2)
$160(8) $200 (10) $180 (9) $180 (9)
Wednesday morning
$180 (9) $200 (10) $200 (10) single $20
Wednesday afternoon (3)
$6/session $6/session $6/session $6/session
Wednesday evening
$180 (9) $200 (10) $200 (10) single $20
Thursday afternoon
$200 (10) $200 (10) $200 (10)
Saturday afternoon $180 (9) $200 (10) $200 (10) $200 (10)

No Classes
(1) 8 March and 14 June
(2) 13 July and 2 November
(3) Excludes life drawing sessions held once per month on a Wednesday afternoon which cost $20 for the session. See life drawing tab for dates.

Single session payments of $25 per class (reduced to $20 per class for the month of November and December 2021) are also available to financial members. You must pre-book and pay online or by EFT or cheque for your session.

If you miss one of your regular classes this term why not make it up at a different one within the same term? It’s free if you pay by the term. Different class, different tutor, different ideas. Use the coupon code MAKE UP in our booking system to book a make up class.

Class payments are not transferable to other members.

Link to our – Terms and conditions and Refund Policy

Click on this link to enrol in a class and become a member of our group today.