Saturday 1:00 – 3:00pm – All Media

The Saturday class is a place where you can bring your ideas to fruition and work on art across a wide range of media. Tessa Joy offers both individual advice to help you progress with your artwork and small tutorials on a wide range of visual arts topics. Participants are always learning something. Discussion and sharing of ideas between art group members is encouraged. Everyone works at thier own pace and on their own work. The class suits those who already have some ideas and skills, at least enough to get started on a drawing or painting.

What do I bring? Bring along your own paints/pastels/pencils, brushes and paper/canvas (new or unfinished project) – whatever materials you have.

The Zoom sessions will consist of a mixture of interesting technical and art historical presentations, sharing of finished and unfinished work as well as personal coaching, this class is a great way progress your personal artistic journey in a friendly environment.

Tessa and her artworks
Students working