Wednesday class 7:30-9:30 – Painting, Drawing and Mixed Media

Create better and more satisfying drawings and paintings with Natalie Doubrovski.

In this class Natalie will help beginning and intermediate artists to elevate their art to new levels. Natalie will assist you in exploring various media underpinned by good drawing techniques in a supportive and friendly environment.


Expressive drawing and painting

Unleash your inner artist! Allow yourself to create! Step away from the strict realism and make an image with lines, shapes and colours!

The class will give you a chance to explore different materials in image creations depicting still life objects, flowers and subjects of your choice. Good chance to try mixed media approach.

Materials that will be used will vary and materials to bring for each class will be discussed during first session.


Students will get more understanding of the process of creating paintings or drawings in more free style.


Drawing paper and some drawing tools for the first class.


Examples of Natalie’s artworks

Students work

Tutor Profile

Natalie was born in Moscow, Russia. Having grown up in the atmosphere of the rich Russian visual arts tradition, she developed her love and passion for art. She completed a limited number of lessons in drawing and watercolour painting after finishing high school and later made a different career choice in a non-art related field.

Natalie came to Australia in 1992 with her family and Melbourne became her home.  Due to changing priorities Natalie had no opportunity to pursue her interest in painting until 2009, when she started her art journey. She became a member of different art societies and attended different evening classes led by experienced tutors. Her education also included going to art workshops, artist demonstrations and watching YouTube art videos where she could practice and apply various new skills.

Learning different techniques, experimenting with variety of media, Natalie finds her inspiration in her surrounding environment with her special interest being portraiture, architecture and figure drawing and painting. Natalie is skilled in using all media but her special love is for drawing, acrylic and mixed media.

Natalie has been exhibiting her works since 2011. She participated in numerous group exhibitions receiving various awards and prizes. She also had two solo exhibitions. Many of her works were purchased and are in private collections in Australia, USA, Estonia, and the Russian Federation.

The desire to share her skills and love for art led Natalie to start teaching art privately in her studio first in 2018. She then was invited to run evening classes at Whitehorse Arts Association and Box Hill Art Group from 2022 where she has been a popular tutor. She also runs private painting and life drawing workshops in Melbourne and on the Mornington Peninsula.

Natalie delights in the development of her students, she teaches skills as essential building blocks. Her students then learn to create artworks of individual, freer expression.