Our Mid Year Exhibition – June 2024

Mid Year Member Exhibition

17th – 22nd June 2024

The Mid Year Members Exhibition of the Box Hill Art Group was a great success, hung and presented ‘professionally’ by our volunteers and many of our artists really shone with their artworks on display. We had more sales than usual!
Visit our gallery page to view all of the exhibited works – https://boxhillartgroup.com.au/our-art-work/

The exhibition opened in the foyer gallery at BHCAC on Monday 17th June at 7.30pm where awards were announced and presented.

Comments on winning paintings in the 2024 Box Hill Art Group Mid Year Exhibition by the judge Hong Li –

Committee Award in any medium $150
Gavin Haberfield. Moment of Reflection
It is no mean feat to take a group of a few household objects arranged in a row and make an interesting painting from it. Gavin has certainly managed this with this painting. The format, the colour and the framing all conspire to make is a worthy winner
1st Prize Work on Paper $250
Jyothi Mohan. Floating Market Vietnam.
The scene is excellently captured, with vibrant colors and expressive facial details. The depiction of the floating market in Vietnam is both detailed and evocative.
2nd Prize Work on Paper $250
Diane Edlin. Pine Creek N.T.
The well-balanced mix of tree groups beautifully captures Pine Creek under the sunlight, creating a harmonious and captivating scene.
1st Prize works on Canvas $250
Ray Jones. My Brother Tom.
The facial expression powerfully conveys the story behind this man and the artist. It is an exceptional and memorable piece. Well done!
2nd Prize Works on Canvas $250
Rodney Maddock. The Tailings Dam
The blending of colours throughout the landscape is masterfully executed, creating a harmonious and evocative atmosphere. The well-toned expressions within the scenery enhance its depth and emotional resonance, offering viewers a captivating journey through the artist’s interpretation of the natural world.

Highly Commended $50
Ramnath Iyer, Boy Ding Yoga
The character is highly attractive, particularly with the striking red pants. The focused gesture is well-executed, and the blurred background effectively enhances the overall composition.
Highly Commended $50
Matthew McLean, Selene’s
A busy moment at a charming café is beautifully captured. The colours are vivid, and the people in the scene are portrayed with great detail and liveliness.
Highly Commended $50
Janet Crocker. Mum’s Hat
The gentle and smooth colour tones, along with the facial expressions, narrate a compelling story about the connection between children and their mother’s hat. It beautifully captures the emotional significance behind the image.
Highly Commended $50
Tife Chan. Sakura
A beautifully styled woman in traditional clothing, perfectly complementing the artwork titled “Sakura.” The harmony between the subject and the theme is executed excellently.
Highly Commended $50
Robin Guthrie. Ruth and Rob
A lovely couple captured in the artwork. The choice of background color is interesting but works well with the overall theme of the characters. I can see a happy and memorable scene portrayed here.
Highly Commended $50
Valerie Laver. Raining Big Time
The selection and blend of colors, coupled with the emphasis on the bright rain, enhance the brightness of the raining scene. This portrayal effectively brings out the dynamic atmosphere of the rain.