Online Gallery – Activity 11 – Autumn Leaves – 14 June 2020

Our 11th activity has been composed by our Box Hill Art Group Monday morning tutor Farimah Eshraghi – theme ‘Autumn Leaves’.

  • These days, everywhere I look around, I see the Autumn leaves, on the ground, or some, still on the trees, and especially when we have lovely sunshine, I can see how the light is glowing through those colourful leaves, and I’m fascinated by those colours, the colours of Autumn.
  • My suggestion is: To collect some of those leaves, (before they disappear!), and try to reproduce the shapes and the colours, or simply to observe the trees around, and use those colours either realistically, or even as an abstract composition.
Autumn Leaves – Gallery Wall 1
Autumn Leaves – Gallery Wall II

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