Our next Online Gallery – Activity 8 – Clouds due 26 September 2021

Photo taken by member Ian Hessels at Redcliffe in 2012

CLOUDS and Sky

Sky and clouds can have a dramatic effect on the mood of a landscape painting and can also aid with the perspective  and depth. Clouds can either be a subtle addition or a major part of a finished painting.

Constable , Van Gogh and Turner were masters of the dramatic sky.

Choose a subject with the sky/clouds being a dominant feature and see how many variants we can hang in our “gallery”

– Submissions now due via email by midnight Sunday 26 September 2021
– The online challenge is restricted to members only, however non-members are welcome to view the completed work via our website.
– Create a new piece or use one from your own collection
– There is no limit to the number of works you can submit using the email link below.
– Submitted works will be posted on our website gallery and also on our social media accounts.

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