Online Gallery – Activity 7 – Cropping and Stippling – 17 May 2020

Our 7th activity has been put together by Box Hill Art Group Tuesday afternoon Watercolour tutor Jon Lam.

Cropping is the cutting away and dscarding unnecessary portions of an image. Cropping can change the emphasis of a design. An image may be cropped or zoomed in to present information more clearly.

Stippling is also known as ‘pointillism’. It is a type of drawing that involves creating shapes and images by making many small dots on a piece of paper. Stippling is quite time consuming. What better time to have a go at it than this lockdown period.

Stippling is either black or white. There are no greys. To create the illusion of grey, just space the dots further apart.

Gallery Wall 1
Gallery Wall 2

Enjoy our slide show.

Click on the image below to enlarge. 16 Artists submitted 18 artworks.