Online Gallery – Activity 23 – Elusive Transparencies – due 24 January 2021

Capture a dreamlike painting 

Artist – Ray Jones

Following his break with the Parisian avant-garde in 1924, Francis Picabia (1897-1953) moved to the French Riviera in southern France, soon thereafter beginning to work on his radical Transparencies paintings. The painter occupied himself with the series from circa 1927 to 1933, and the result was a body of work that draws elements from and refers to a wealth of sources, weaving together biblical and mythological subjects, disparate forms in multiple dimensions, cool and warm nuances, glazed and opaque strata, and flawless as well as imperfect geometries and sensuous lines.

Submissions due via email by midnight Sunday 24 January
– Create a new piece or use one from your own collection
– There is no limit to the number of works you can submit using the email link below.
– Submitted works will be posted on our website gallery and also on our social media accounts.

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