Online Gallery – Activity 14 – Not Exactly Plein Air But Close

Our 14th activity composed by our Box Hill Art Group Secretary Eric Harvey – theme ‘Not Exactly Plein Air But Close’.

  • This skycam “Olana Eye,” sits above Olana the home of Frederick Church (1826 – 1900) a prominent member the Hudson River School which flourished in New York State.
  • Just the thing for isolation.
  • If you would prefer a different time and view here are some more live webcams
  • If you use images from webcams for commercial purposes you should check your copyright obligations before doing so.

Venice Italy 8 hours behind  
The Lake District UK 9 hours behind           
London UK 9 hours behind         
Edinburgh Scotland 9 hours behind           
California USA 17 hours behind  

Enjoy our slide show
Click on the images to enlarge – 11 Artists submitted 42 artworks