Online Gallery – Activity 14 – Not Exactly Plein Air But Close – due 2 August 2020

Our 14th activity composed by our Box Hill Art Group Secretary Eric Harvey – theme ‘Not Exactly Plein Air But Close’.

  • If you would like to paint the dawn but don’t want to get up in the dark or you would like to paint the sunset without annoying mozzies and having to stumble home in the dark, this could be the answer.
  • This skycam “Olana Eye,” sits above Olana the home of Frederick Church (1826 – 1900) a prominent member the Hudson River School which flourished in New York State.
  • With this skycam we can see a live view of the Hudson River with it’s ever changing, light, weather and seasons.
  • Given the 14 hour time difference we can paint the dawn from our lounge rooms in the evening and can paint the sunset mid morning. We can paint storms and sunny skies perfectly comfortably from home.
  • Just the thing for isolation.
  • If you would prefer a different time and view here are some more live webcams

Shibuya Japan 1 hour behind   
Venice Italy 8 hours behind  
The Lake District UK 9 hours behind           
London UK 9 hours behind         
Edinburgh Scotland 9 hours behind           
California USA 17 hours behind  

  • Take your pick from all of the above locations or create an artwork from each of the locations.
  • There is no limit to the number of works you can submit however please submit one artwork per email using the link below.
  • Submitted works will be posted on our website gallery and also on our social media accounts.
  • Submissions due via email by midnight Sunday 2 August.
Olana Eye Skycam, USA
Venice, Italy
Edinburgh, Scotland
California, USA