Our next Online Gallery – Activity 10 – Quadrupeds – 31 October 2021

Humans have been making images of animals for thousands of years.
Near Montignac, France, a collection of prehistoric cave paintings were discovered by four teenagers who stumbled upon the ancient artwork after following their dog down a narrow entrance into a cavern. The 15,000- to 17,000-year-old paintings, consisting mostly of animal representations, are among the finest examples of art from the Upper Paleolithic period.
For this Challenge we would like you to send us artwork of four-footed animals, either, tame, wild or imagined.
– Submissions now due via email by midnight Sunday 31 October 2021

– The online challenge is restricted to members only, however non-members are welcome to view the completed work via our website.
– Create a new piece or use one from your own collection
– There is no limit to the number of works you can submit using the email link below.
– Submitted works will be posted on our website gallery and also on our social media accounts.

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