Online Gallery – Activity 3 for 2021 – Streetscapes – due 21 March 2021


Streetscapes are a great way to hone your perspective skills.
If you have difficulty with perspective, the inclusion of roads, paths or fenced can be used to good effect.
Decide on whether to use one or two point perspective and mark on vanishing points. Sketch or paint plein air or use one of your photo references.
Add interest with the inclusion of people, cars, or animals.
You can also work on your chosen subject at our Wednesday afternoon tutor free workshop. It will cost you the incredible sum of $6 to attend at Box Hill Community Arts Centre.

Submissions due via email by midnight Sunday 21 March
– The online challenge is restricted to members only, however non-members are welcome to view the completed work via our website.
– Create a new piece or use one from your own collection
– There is no limit to the number of works you can submit.
– Submitted works will be posted on our website gallery and also on our social media accounts.