Tuesday 1:00 – 3:00 Watercolour with Jon Lam

“Teach a child to fish or Give a child a fish”

Most Art classes teach students to paint a picture, usually with a visual reference.

This is a good start until you begin a new painting when the tutor is not present.

Then it becomes more challenging.

Understanding the concept of Design Elements and Principles helps with the design process so that students may achieve a higher rate of success.

Jon Lam is a very versatile artist and he has won many prizes for his artworks in a variety of media including watercolour. Jon has had a number of influences to his watercolour technique by several prominent artists. The combination of those techniques is apparent in his work.  Jon is a member of a number of art societies, he is a dedicated artist, an art tutor and an exhibition judge. Jon is an active participant in art societies and rotary shows including AGRA, VAS, BHAG and Camberwell art shows. Jon has his own solo exhibition once every two years on average. He has also spent many years teaching art and design in secondary schools where he has leveraged his qualifications in graphic design to enhance and communicate his love of art.

Works by tutor Jon Lam

Works by students